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Over a really delicious coffee this morning (always helpful), I met with the CEO of a Birmingham based non-profit that has enjoyed significant growth but now needs to somehow put the breaks on and take stock. Of what they are doing, what they want to do, what they want to stop doing – all focussed on making sure they are doing the very best for their clients and are building a sustainable future - which as we all know, is a massive issue right now.

We had a seriously refreshing brainstorm about how to thank staff for their hard work over the last year as well as gather their thoughts about the good, the bad and the ugly in their workplace.

And then take the opportunity to do some training, especially an update about safeguarding and whistleblowing in light of the recent horror stories. Then squeeze in a workshop about a branding update. 

Then the CEO exclaimed out loud (literally, almost knocked my coffee over!) “no, we just want to thank our staff because without them we’d be nothing”. She was adamant that the role of thanking was so significant, nothing else should get in the way. So all the training was planned for a separate day.

I left feeling refreshed and inspired, mulling over in my mind how to capture the spirit and determination this CEO has, as a highly emotionally intelligent leader recognising the importance of her team, and showcasing it. What a leader!

So this is my take-away for you – when did you last properly say thank you to your team? Even if you’re not a manager, how do you ensure you operate in a fully supportive team? What part do you play, regardless of your role, in celebrating success?

No ifs. No buts. Happy people are successful people.

Fidelis Navas