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The Presidents Club - what will it cost?

Horrified - yes. Surprised - no. 

360 men at the black-tie Presidents Club Charity  Dinner, described as “the most un-PC event of the year”, were entertained by 130 “hostesses” in short dresses and high heels at The Dorchester hotel earlier this month. In the name of raising money for charity. 

The Financial Times Reporter had a tip-off to attend, so lets make this point totally clear, this event has a reputation of being what many of us would term disgusting. For 30 years, the event has been raising a nice sum of money for some amazing causes, but it appears we all just glossed over what actually happened on the night. 

So what does this mean for the charities who received the money from the dinner, and in general for the rest of the sector when we happily take in funds from 'in aid of events'?

At what cost does the sector say yes, or no to the money? What due diligence is done when accepting money from events you've not organised? 

Because it's not just saying no to the money is it. It's also saying we don't want to be associated with you, and reputation is so important. 

So... saying no to money? Maybe something we need to get more comfortable with saying as well as delivering regular training for all staff, supported by policies on this subject. Social media and how it showcases and exposes everything and everyone is a major influence and I'd wont be surprised if more of these types of fundraising events come up again. 

After all, the sector exists to promote equality and standing up to injustice in all walks of life and this must to translate to fundraising practises.

I'd be really interested in your experiences on this subject. 



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