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Review of Christmas Messages - which ones got to me?

Its that time of year where charities thank their donors for support and urge them to continue helping them with their fight. I follow various amazing causes on the usual social media platforms and as many fundraisers dont have the time themselves to sit back and look at the competition, I thought I'd give you my two pennies worth on who I think did this well. So, in my humble opinion (and this is no specific order), take a look at these and enjoy them with me!

Birmingham St Mary's Hospice - this was a range of posts on facebook giving a really lovely view of what its like at the hospice for patients and their families. What was particularly interesting and, well basically really heart-warming, were by various videos by medical staff members. There was also a sprinkling of fundraising promotion but I didn't think it was too much! 

Midlands Air Ambulance - this has got everything! What a gorgeous christmas photo! Simple, straight to the point, and wow, just look at their smiles. I just think this is really sincere. It certainly made me stop whilst I was scrolling through my feed. 

B30FoodBank (part of the national Trussell Trust) - I was pretty impressed by these guys as they had visitors doing a live feed for them. A superbly knowledgeable volunteer takes them around the room explaining what is happening. I thought, I'll just watch the first few seconds... but I watched it all the way to the end. So this technically isn't a video made by the charity, but big up the power of volunteers.   

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